Windows 10 Upgrade Services

Considering a Windows 10 upgrade? Champion Solutions Group has the best tools and resources to guide you on your migration and beyond.

Implementing an upgrade and migration is a significant IT undertaking. As companies evolve to the digital workplace, they have come to understand that Windows 10 is a key component in the strategy.

By making the upgrade, you will have more security and user self-service features, as well as better employee engagement with one experience across devices.

Choosing the right partner to assist you in the deployment of Windows 10 is critical. Champion Solutions Group has the experience to guide you on your journey.

Why Champion

  • Champion’s unique Readiness Assessment will provide your team with a clear understanding of what it will take to migrate, such as time, resources, and technology challenges.
  • Champion has developed the tools and services to fully automate the enablement of UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) and 64 bit Windows 10.
  • Champion automates your move while preserving User State and installed software, all while providing 64 Bit OS, UEFI and secure booting features.
  • Champion’s forward-thinking approach goes beyond migration. You will have a platform to manage the lifecycle of your endpoints, including patch management and inventory. Also, should you get audited, our platform solution can give you the tracking of your software licensing to be compliant.

Windows 10 Services

Readiness Assessment: Before performing an upgrade, it’s important to first determine your company’s level of readiness to migrate. During our onsite Readiness Assessment, we uncover what your environment look likes today, and the possible challenges of moving. We provide detailed reports on your endpoints, hardware, software, BIOS, and warranty information. Also, Champion leverages endpoint solutions, such as IBM BigFix, to enable enterprise environments to be able to move from older Windows systems (XP/Win7/Win8), regardless of 32 or 64 bit, into the 64 bit Windows 10, UEFI enabled (remove legacy BIOS), secure endpoints in an automated fashion. Champion can help you utilize your investment in the BigFix platform by leveraging custom reports and analysis. You will have the data at your fingertips to understand where your endpoints are now, which endpoints can be moved, and which require some type of hardware change or BIOS update.

Preparation / Application Transformation: During this process, we ensure application compatibility with the newest version of Windows. Champion analyzes your Windows and web-based applications to determine whether they will run successfully.  We then work with you to re-mediate any applications that might fail to run in an updated environment.

Image Build and Design Services:  Champion will design and test your image making it ready for deployment.

Proof of Concept: After we thoroughly discover, assets, prepare and build out your image, we then perform Proof of Concept in your environment to ensure that all applications are running properly and that all hardware is fully supportive and operational.

Deployment: Champion has proven experience in moving clients to the platform and adding value for Endpoint Management in the entire life cycle of endpoints beyond the migration (Client / Server / Mac / UNIX / Windows / Linux).

Training: We have a comprehensive training platform that includes training videos, including ‘What’s New’, ‘Foundations’, ‘Power Users’, ‘Administration’, and more. Visit

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