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Corporate security breaches regularly make headlines, when a compromised network leads to large compliance fines and brand damage due to the loss of customer information. We’re big believers in addressing security before you have a serious problem. Our clients come to us because they want to approach security from the position of strength, rather than fear. By partnering with Champion Solutions Group and leveraging our 35 years of cybersecurity experience, clients invest in preventative security – rather than in clean up after the damage is done. Our experience, however, also involves helping companies in crisis lock down networks that have been hacked and preventing future incidents.

When a client partners with us to secure their entire IT operation, we do a full assessment from network evaluations to accounting for every endpoint, smartphone and tablet. Our security experts use a range of advanced tools to gather real-time data on the apps you’re using, how your data is stored, network configuration and more. We’ll provide an accurate, customized map of your security risks – and recommend the tools and strategies needed to close the loop and build reliable, impenetrable security. At the same time, we know that that security begins with your people. Champion’s approach to security involves taking a close look at your company, your unique business processes and identifying how to help you operate more efficiently and more securely. Champion’s experts will back your processes and policies with the latest tools from the leaders in security products and services, delivering customized 24/7 solutions to clients that are centered in their unique business needs. We’ve got you covered with the right software for endpoint security to manage your enterprise and mobile environments.

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Champion Solutions Group has built our brand on customer service. Our commitment to helping you protect your brand is unbreachable.

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Champion has 35+ years experience serving customers in all industries. See more in-depth information pertaining to financial and healthcare organizations below.

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Security solutions offered by Champion Solutions Group include Endpoint Security, Compliance and Regulatory Requirements, Virus and Zero-day Malware Protection, Firewall, SIEM, Identify and Access Control and more. Our expertise enables customers to operate without fear, particularly in the Finance and Healthcare sectors.

X-Force Threat Intelligence Report 2016

IBMs integrated solutions harness security-relevant information from across your organization, and use analytics and automation to provide context and help you detect threats faster, identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risks, perform forensics analysis and automate compliance activities.

IBM Films presents: Hacked

When it comes to identifying and remediating breaches, time is of the essence. Organizations need to fix problems in minutes before they become major business disruptions.IBM BigFix helps clients bridge the gap between security and IT operations with common tooling and reporting for the continuous compliance of security, operational and regulatory policies. It’s a proven, cost-effective approach to ensure continuous compliance and real-time incident response across all endpoints–on and off the network.For more information, please visit

Forrester Report: Endpoint Security Takes Center Stage As A Must Have

The fight today between security professionals and attackers is an uphill battle, as endpoints multiply and attackers get better at exploiting vulnerabilities before they can be patched. Antivirus, the longtime staple of endpoint protection, can no longer be relied upon to protect against these never-before-seen threats. To protect against these zero-day threats, security pros need to adopt new solutions that can protect against never-before-seen malware and exploits of unpatched vulnerabilities in the OS, browser, and third-party applications. Today’s endpoint protection solutions offer varying levels of protection against these advanced threats, and decision-makers need to weigh the protection offered against end user disruption when choosing the best technologies to defend their organizations.

Don’t Drown in a Sea of Cyberthreats: Mitigate Attacks with IBM BigFix & QRadar

Security teams can be overwhelmed by a sea of vulnerabilities–without the contextual data to help them focus their efforts on the weaknesses that are most likely to be exploited. Cyberthreats need to be stopped before they cause significant financial and reputation damage to an organization. You need an endpoint security platform that can detect threats, prioritize risks and respond within minutes to shut down an attack or vulnerability that could compromise your endpoints.IBM BigFix seamlessly integrates with IBM QRadar to provide closed loop vulnerability management, accelerating risk prioritization and incident response to mitigate potential attacks giving you an integrated threat protection system to keep your endpoints and data secure.For more information, please visit

Benefits of Security Intelligence on Cloud

Watch this short video and listen to Vijay Dheap, IBM Global Product Manager for Security, describe the benefits of Security Intelligence on Cloud, a new offering from IBM. These include lowering costs, increasing efficiency, shifting from a CapEx to an OpEx model, and improving compliance and reporting. Vijay also touches on the advantages of incident forensics and the rapid analysis of security offenses. For more information, please visit

Combating Advanced Threats with Endpoint Security Intelligence White Paper

To make vulnerability management more effective, organizations need an integrated approach that incorporates both endpoint control and network context into the remediation process. IT staff need to know which vulnerabilities are scheduled to be patched by an endpoint management system and which ones are not, to help ensure that remediation efforts are prioritized and directed most efficiently. In addition, IT staff need to be able to quickly take action on security intelligence and make necessary updates across all endpoints within an organization.

Top Recommendations to Prevent Ransomware White Paper

Ransomware has evolved from a low-grade nuisance to a sophisticated multimillion-dollar criminal business that now targets both individuals and corporations. It is a criminal business model that uses malicious software to cryptographically hold your personal data hostage. While an increasingly urgent challenge, ransomware can be prevented through proper training, specific adjustments to the current IT environment, and advanced endpoint technology.

Top 3 Security Considerations for the Cloud White Paper

Data centers are evolving to include a mix of static hardware and cloud computing technologies. This evolution has led to lower CapEx costs, advances in operational efficiencies, and an improvement in data center hardware infrastructure effectiveness. However, with great change comes great challenge. While the threats remain the same, there are differences between how cloud-based computing technologies should be protected and securing traditional hardware-based data centers.

CBI Health Group Case Study

As one of the leading healthcare providers in Canada, CBI Health depends on its infrastructure to connect more than 240 offices and thousands of mobile users to its primary data center, which contains all the company’s data and applications. With so many possible entry points for cyberattacks, CBI Health needed to protect the data center from all kinds of threats. The healthcare firm chose the Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform to perform that task because of the security company’s reputation for innovation and quality.

How a Healthcare Organization is Improving Security of Patient Data and Records

IBM and ESM Technology Helping Infirmary Health System Secure EndpointsWatch this video and learn about how IBM and ESM Technology worked together to improve security at Infirmary Health System. Infirmary Health System, using ESM Technology, IBM BigFix and IBM Security QRadar SIEM, was able to increase endpoint patching success rates from 40% to 90%, reduce software deployment time from 7 weeks to 2 days, gain visibility to malware and hackers on their network, maintain regulatory compliance, and improve the security of their patient data and records. To know more about:Security Intelligence and Analytics: IBM QRadar Security Intelligence Platform: IBM BigFix: Learn more about IBM Security visit:

Penn State expects $300,000 in yearly energy savings with IBM BigFix

John Tyndall, IT manager at Penn State, discusses how the university uses IBM BigFix software to simplify the administration of 32,000 computers. Learn more about IBM BigFix : the IBM case study ( as well as this update from Penn State: in Touch:• Subscribe to our YouTube channel:• IBM Client References:• IBM Client References Mobile Site: • Follow us on Twitter:

Champion Solutions Group has over 35 years of expertise in delivering customized information technology solutions across all platforms for mid-sized to large organizations. Our people want to work with your people. For more information, visit or contact us at 800-771-7000 to learn how our proven methodology can help your organization increase productivity, reduce costs and mitigate risks.

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