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Media-aware, Network-aware and Endpoint-aware are the networking features needed to deliver the next generation of customer experiences. At Champion, we understand that a strong network foundation at the data center core and network edge are paramount in your company’s digital transformation. And that is the essence of our Networking solutions.

Beyond our proven expertise in routing and switching strengths, we also look to the future of networking that will deliver enhanced experiences when delivering video, mobile, cloud, and IoT application services.

Champion understands that the business and user applications are changing fast. Not only are the applications changing, but also how, when, and what they are delivered on is ever-changing.  Innovative service such as video, mobile, and cloud services are requiring that your IP infrastructure be an enabler to these services not an inhibitor.

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Introduction to Networking

Champion understands that the business and user applications are changing fast, not only are the applications changing but also how, when, and what they are delivered on is ever-changing as well.  Innovative service such as  video, mobile and cloud services are requiring that your IP infrastructure be an enabler to these services not an inhibitor.Beyond our proven expertise in routing and switching strengths, we also look to the future of networking that will deliver enhanced experiences when delivering video, mobile, cloud & IoT application services 

Why Champion for Networking

Media-aware, Network-aware, and Endpoint-aware are the networking featuresneeded to deliver the next generation of customer experiences. At Champion, weunderstand that a strong network foundation at the data center core and networkedge are paramount in your company’s digital transformation.Champion understands that the business and user applicationsare changing fast, notonly are the applications changing, but also how, when, and what they are deliveredon is ever-changing. Innovative services such as video, mobile, and cloud are requiringthat your IP infrastructure be an enabler to these services; not an inhibitor.

Making the Mobility Case to Business Leaders

If you’re going to be an advocate for mobility in your organization, you need to be able to communicate with business leaders about what IT can do for them. You need to shift the perception of your role as a responsive manager of technology services. Instead, you can be a proactive, trusted advisor who understands their business objectives and needs and is invested in their long-term success.

Unlock New Business Value Through More Accurate Context

Businesses in virtually every industry are using location data to better understand their customers and users. By knowing how people move through and interact with a venue, businesses can gain valuable insights to optimize their locations and engage customers at the point of decision. However, contextual customer information is only as valuable as its accuracy. And when it comes to capitalizing on location data, a meter is worth more than a kilometer. The Cisco® Hyperlocation Solution is the industry’s first WiFi network-based location system that can help businesses and users pinpoint a user’s location to within one to three meters, depending on the deployment. Combining innovative RF antenna and module design, faster and more frequent data processing, and a powerful platform for customer engagement, it can help businesses create more personalized and profitable customer experiences.

Networks Reimagined

See how Cisco Digital Network Architecture helps you accelerate your business transformation with a digital-ready network. To learn more:

6 Ways to Make Your Network Edge More Intelligent

Your next network refresh could change everything. 

Midyear Cybersecurity Report

The Cisco® 2016 Midyear Cybersecurity Report—which presents research, insights, and perspectives from Cisco Security Research—updates security professionals on the trends covered in our previous security report while also examining developments that may affect the security landscape later this year

IDC Marketscape: Worldwide Enterprise WLAN Vendor Assessment

This IDC study represents the vendor assessment model called the IDC MarketScape. This research is a quantitative and qualitative assessment of the characteristics that explain a vendor’s success in the marketplace and help anticipate the vendor’s ascendancy. The study assesses the capability and business strategy of 12 of the top enterprise wireless LAN (WLAN) vendors. This evaluation is based on a comprehensive framework and a set of parameters expected to be most conducive to success in providing enterprise WLAN solutions, during both the short term and the long term. As the enterprise WLAN market is highly competitive and relatively mature, all vendors performed relatively well in the study.

Lippis Consulting Report: A New Holistic Approach to Enterprise Network Management

IT business leaders are demanding a unified policy-driven management strategy for network access and security, mobile endpoints including iPads, tablets, and smartphones. A holistic network approach is the unification of these management assets to simplify operations and shift control to IT leaders. A holistic network apporach from Cisco Systems is to streamline NetOps through the automated orchestration of policy management and infrastructure. In this model, network admins will not have to access multiple management systems to collect data, coorelate it manually and then attempt to identify problem location. One managemetn system, Cisco Prime NCS with integrated links to ISE, delivers this service to NetOps, drastically improving network visibility and reducing troubleshooting time through a client or user focused approach to managing corporate networks in the age of mobile and cloud computing. 

Zk Research Report: Why You Need a Digital Strategy to Succeed

ZK Research says 75% of the S&P 500 index will change in the next 10 years. Digitized companies will come out on top. See how to prepare your network for success.

I’ve got super powers! ISE for Secure Access Management

An IT manager displays extraordinary knowledge about worker’s BYOD device types and the policies that are used to provide consistent control where ever the users go.

Wireless Network Optimization in Cisco and Apple Deployments

The advent of digitization has ushered in a new era of wireless technology wherein an increasing number of critical applications are being supported on mobile devices such as tablets, phones, and laptops. Employees collaborating in open-space offices or students working together on group projects create an increase in device roaming across the wireless network, which during peak hours leads to packet loss, dropped calls, and other performance decreases. Therefore, the primary challenges faced by IT administrators and end users across sectors like education, healthcare, retail, and enterprise pertain to mobility, scalability, and prioritization. This white paper describes the Apple and Cisco collaboration for creating a superior wireless solution by providing optimal roaming (802.11 r/k/v amendments) and prioritization for business apps. It explains the benefits of the Apple and Cisco wireless solution that end users and IT administrators will be able to take advantage of on iOS devices. It uses the results of tests conducted jointly by Apple and Cisco to showcase enhanced end-user experience and reduced network load.

Top 5 Ways That Cisco ACI Makes IT Agile

Applications are the currency of the digital world. Organizations use them to boost productivity or engage customers in new ways. If the IT structure is too rigid or complex to keep up with the demand for new applications, you end up with a bottleneck, and business suffers. Software-defined networking (SDN) offers the flexibility to eliminate those bottlenecks, and Cisco® Application Centric Infrastructure (Cisco ACI™) is the most comprehensive SDN in the industry. Here are five ways that Cisco ACI makes IT fast and agile.

At a Glance: Cisco Enterprise Mobility

When your organization can reach anyone at any time, good things can happen. Increased productivity. Better collaboration. Enhanced customer insights. Stronger relationships.

At A Glance Cisco Wireless Lan Solutions

Wi-Fi has become the primary access network for most organizations. With Cisco® world-class RF equipment and intelligent software, it’s a snap to make your wireless network as fast, reliable, and secure as your wired network. You get loads of extra features for improving spectrum efficiency, performance, and user experiences that you can’t find anywhere else.

At a Glance: Cisco Firepower NGIPS

It’s no secret that today’s advanced attackers have the resources, expertise, and persistence to compromise any organization at any time. As attackers become more sophisticated and exploit a growing set of attack vectors, traditional defenses are no longer effective. Safeguarding your network assets and data from today’s threats requires detailed visibility into all your network layers and resources. This is a particular challenge with dynamic IT applications and in hybrid data center environments where users, hosts and workloads are constantly changing.

At a Glance: Cisco Identity Services Engine

As the modern network expands, the complexity of marshaling resources, managing disparate security solutions, and controlling risk grows as well. Factor in the ubiquitous connectivity of noncorporate devices with already constrained IT resources, and the potential impact of failing to identify and remediate security threats becomes very large indeed. A different approach is required for both the management and security of the evolving enterprise network. It’s called the Cisco® Identity Services Engine (ISE).

Medical Center Supports Network Based Care

Now a 260-bed acute-care facility staffed by more than 650 physicians and 1450 employees, Chilton Hospital treats some 160,000 patients each year. It is the center of the Chilton Health Network, which delivers health services to more than 30 communities across 350 square miles. The network offers a wide range of healthcare services, including laboratory testing, physical and occupational therapy, and physician partnerships in primary care, internal medicine, breast and colorectal surgery, cardiology, and orthopedics.

University Intelligently Connects To The Future

The University of La Verne knew that, with an extended reach across physical locations, it can deliver higher-quality education, as well as serve a greater number of students. With new collaborative technology, students can access faculty knowledge regardless of location. 

Expo Milano Succeeds with Networking, Security, and Management

The Cisco security strategy behind the success of Expo Milan 2015.

Networking Services:

  • Network Planning & Design: Our network design and implementation services begin with a comprehensive discovery of your existing network, then we evaluate your current business needs and assesses your future needs.  We take into consideration your budget and design a network to meet the demands of your business today and make sure it will fit your future needs as well.
  • Implementation: Champion’s certified engineers will help by providing expert assistance to develop implementation plans and to install, configure, and integrate new solutions or applications in your network.
  • Training: Champion offers a range of Networking classes ranging form beginner administration to expert level design, performance and troubleshooting.  Classes can be held online, on site, or in a classroom setting.
  • Managed Networking: We offer 7x24x 365 LAN/WAN monitoring and management, we isolate network faults, and recommend corrective actions for you to remediate or that we can remediate. We report on critical metrics such as latency, volume, and congestion. Our  managed network services can be customized to meet the demands of your staff and environment.
  • Performance Optimization: Is your network performance at its peak?  Are you rolling out a new application and want to make sure your network is ready and able to handle it?  Champion provides an array of network performance services to make sure you are getting the most out of your network and prepare you for the future.

Champion Solutions Group has over 35 years of expertise in delivering customized information technology solutions across all platforms for mid-size to large organizations. Take our security self assessment test, and contact us today to learn how our proven methodology can help your organization increase productivity, reduce costs, and mitigate risks.