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What is Flash Storage? Champion can help you navigate the Flash Storage realm to a more efficient and agile data center

Milliseconds and even microseconds matter in the modern business world. It’s critical that your organization can act on data and analytics as quickly as possible. If you’re not using Flash Storage in your IT infrastructure, you may not be operating as efficiently as necessary to compete. While you may not have seen any negative effects yet, it’s only a matter of time before your capacity and speed needs grow, and competitors are able to jump on an opportunity more quickly – simply because of a superior IT infrastructure.  Your business units require more information and they want it faster.  We have vast experience in assisting our clients in this Flash Storage journey.

Flash storage is any type of drive, repository or system that uses flash memory to keep data for an extended period of time. Since all Flash Storage technologies are not created equal, many questions arise. Why are some Flash systems more expensive then others? Is your company a candidate for Hybrid Flash or All Flash?  Should you drop your rotating media storage all together?  These are just a few of the questions that Champion can help you answer.

Helpful Flash Storage Resources:

Introduction to Flash Storage

All Flash Storage Systems are not created equal. Why are some Flash Systems more expensive then others? Is your company a candidate for Hybrid Flash or All Flash?  Should you drop your rotating media storage all together?  These are just a few of the questions that we will help you answer.

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Why Champion for Flash Storage

Because all Flash Storage systems are not created equal, there are many questionsthat arise. Why are some Flash systems more expensive than others? Is your companya candidate for Hybrid Flash or All Flash? Should you drop your rotating mediastorage all together? These are just a few of the questions that Champion SolutionsGroup can help you answer.Before we can guide you on the right Flash storage path, we need to gatherinformation about your current data and future growth requirements.

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Speeds Data Performance Using Pure Storage

Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. Speeds Data Performance Using Pure Storage


Apache Corporation – Partnering with NetApp to accelerate oil and gas exploration

Bradley Lauritsen discusses how NetApp All Flash FAS is enabling their geoscientists to work in new ways, making Apache more competitive in their industry.


The Nielsen Company goes all flash

Challenges:- Constant cycle of forklift upgrades and large maintenance bills stifled innovation.- Poor storage performance limited quantity/timeliness of research to clients.- Legacy storage incapable of meeting consolidated/“green” data center mandates.Results:- Gets reports in 1 hour vs. 1 day- 3x reduction in latency.- 10:1 reduction in data center facility requirements. Applications: Database – Oracle, VSI – VMware vSphere


What we do to help our clients with their Flash Storage strategies:

Using our time-tested discovery tools and methodologies, we gain a comprehensive view of both your structured and unstructured data. This includes:

  •    Your most frequently accessed data vs. your least frequently accessed data
  •    Active and inactive volumes
  •    Volumes most impacted by latency
  •    I/O density patterns which can be eliminated by Flash
  •    Read intensive volumes
  •    Volumes with the largest queue depth
  •    Composite Flash candidate scoring
  •    A Flash system candidate heat map

After our discovery, we will have empirical data about your storage and application environment to make sure that we guide you to the smartest Flash Storage decision. We represent most of the major Flash vendors (IBM, NetApp, Pure Storage, and Tintri), and suggest which vendor and platform will deliver the best ROI for your company.

Please visit our Flash Storage Blog to keep up to date on what’s happening in the Flash marketplace.

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