Importance of Backup Modernization in Your Quest to Protect Your Data

Outdated backup processes could be detrimental to the growth of your business.

There’s no doubt that data backup and recovery is critical for any business, but many businesses are not aware of new backup technology that makes it easier than ever to keep your data safe and secure. Gone are the days where your only options were antiquated tape drives that were slow and cumbersome. While tape is still in use in certain capacities, the rise of flash, cloud and hybrid solutions has created new options for companies big and small on their quest to back up and protect their data.

Traditional backup schedules may no longer be enough

For many years, most organizations stuck to nightly and weekly backup schedules to protect critical data. While this worked in an age where data changes were somewhat infrequent, today organizations are finding that the ways and frequency with which they’re using data isn’t conducive to their current backup schedules.

Organizations need to look to backup modernization to protect their data

Backup modernization is simply the process of taking an inventory of your existing backup methods and determining if they’re still relevant based on your existing needs and infrastructure. This process can be a bit painful, but is critical to ensure your data is always protected, and can mean the difference between sound disaster recovery procedures and catastrophe.

Important backup options to consider

In terms of backup modernization, there are all sorts of different approaches you can take to protect your data. The most popular methods of data protection being used today include:

• Snapshots – different from traditional backups because rather than providing a copy of your data, they simply allow you to roll back a Virtual Machine, application, or file to an earlier point in time. Because snapshots aren’t considered actual backups, some vendors will offer them as a complementary service to other offerings.

• Continuous data protection (CDP) – backs up data on an almost continuous basis. Rather than backing up data every 24 hours, CDP products can backup data every few minutes, 24/7.

• Image based backups – one of the newer backup technologies used to back up Virtual Machines. Image based backups literally backup the entire VM so that if a recovery is necessary, the VM can be mounted in a sandbox environment where any needed data can be extracted. These backups offer incredibly flexibility, provided you’re using Virtual Machines.

Significant work involved in modernizing a backup process

Some service providers may say that modernizing your existing backup methods isn’t difficult, but they’re largely mistaken. Deciding how and what technologies to use can be difficult and if done incorrectly can spell disaster for your business. If you’re looking for someone to analyze your existing backup procedures and suggest new backup methods, the team at Champion Solutions Group are experts in the field. We’ve been helping organizations back up their data both in-house as well as in the cloud for many years. Contact us to find out what backup and recovery solutions we can offer your organization.


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